General features

The general features are standard in Sprinter 2000. It may depend on which Mode Modules (Road, Air, Sea, Rail) you have if some features are available or not.
  • Import Customer/Agent Addresses from a CSV file
  • Sales invoices in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish More>
  • Purchase invoice control More>
  • Address files for quick shipment entry
  • Check on Credit Limit per customer
  • Document Generator to create and design your own documents.
  • Direct profit figures per shipment More>
  • Management/Profit reports, dedicated Sprinter 2000 reports or Excel reports More> List>
  • Complaint administration (especially for ISO 9002 certified companies) More>
  • Damage administration
  • Conversion of sales and purchase invoices to almost every accounting package More>
  • POD information, with the POD entry tool your sub-contractors can enter the POD information for you.
  • Conto-A-Meta (contra settlement system) using Excel
  • Sending documents and reports per email
  • Automatic software update through the Internet
  • A group agenda to plan all your appointments and activities for all users More>

Sales invoices

With the Sub-Administration module (included in de base license of Sprinter 2000) you can make your accruals for sales and purchases. You can also create and print your sales invoices. When you receive a purchase invoice you can easily check this invoice upon your accruals. A major advantage of Sprinter 2000 is the ability of creating an accounting file with all your sales and purchase invoice information. This file can be ‘imported’ by almost any accounting package. You will be able to print standard sales invoices on dot-matrix printers or use the more fancy graphic invoices for deskjet and laserjet printers.

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Purchase control module

With the purchase controle module you will be able to check and approve your incoming purchase invoices against the costs reservations you have made in the past.

This prevents wrong invoices and double invoices.

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  • CMR (UK, Dutch, German. CMR for other countries available upon request)
  • Groupage manifest
  • File cover
  • Delivery notes
  • Collection notes
  • Notice of Arrival
  • Transport confirmation
  • Transport order

    Read more: Documents

Management information

With the Management Information module you will be able to create different sorts of reports instantly, like profit reports, shipments per period or customer and customer revenues. All reports can be created for selected requirements, e.g. all export shipments or import shipments only (or any combination you require). Allmost all documents can also be exported to Excel.

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