Client/Server version

We advice customers who will use Sprinter 2000 for more than 5 users to switch to the Client/Server version.

By using the Client/Server application the system will work much faster and more reliable in a multi-user environment.

The Client/Server version of Sprinter 2000 comes with a Database server. No other software is required. The Database server must be installed and run on a Windows 2003 or higher server. The installation of the Database server software is very easy.


Electronic invoices

With this module you can send your sales invoices by email to your customers as a PDF attachment. This save time and money. Your customers receive your invoices on time without any well known postal delays.

If you also have the Document Manager module you can have also send shipment related documents (e.g. CMR, Customs documents) with this email.

Depending on how many invoices you send your savings can go up to 5000 euro per year.

Document Manager

With the Document Manager you will be able to:

  1. store the printed documents of a shipment
  2. scan documents and store them with the shipment
  3. load digital photos (of the damaged shipment) and store them with the shipment
  4. load other files and store them with the shipment
  5. email the documents
  6. load also all above mentioned documents per customer/carrier. Very handy for quotation and other customer information.

Read more: Document Manager


Tracking and Tracing

With this module you can update our Internet POD system with your latest shipment information. Each time you alter a shipment an EDI message is sent to our Internet POD system. Your customers can view their shipments on your company website. They will see the reference, all dates, departure city, destination city, colli, weight and POD information.
It is not neccessary to have your own company website. If you do not have a company website yet and you are planning to have one, our internet company CDS Internet Services is more than willing to help you.

Read more: Tracking and Tracing

Emballage Module

With this Emballage Module (pallet administration) you keep an administration of pallets (blok/euro), CC or whatever per customer.
The system can create emballage transactions based upon your shipments. You can also create emballage transactions manually for balancing purposes.
Reports of the administration can be send to your customers.
This module will also enable you to track of accessories of the packing units (like boards for CC/Danish cars).