In this section the most important new features of Sprinter 2000 will be described.

Temporary Import

In the new version off Sprinter 2000, with the systemoption TEMPIMPREG you can determine which customs regulations can be seen as 'temporarily import'.
Default are 61-71;51-74;53-71; If desired, a user can add other customs regulations.

When it is a temporarily import declaration, two fields will be filled, Temporary Import en Temporary Import Valid Until.
This last field is equal to: the declaration date + the validity (please note, the validity is in weeks)

In the last week of validity, the user who has send in the declaration will get a message.
This message is sent by the Message Server with a built-in Plugin. This plugin starts every day at 09:00.
It is possible for a user to switch off the plugin or to let it poll ofter. 


Purchase invoice document

From the version of Sprinter 2000 (January 2014), the following thing is possible:
When you are in a shipment and in the tabsheet Subadministration, you can click on the blue I icon to show the purchase information.
In this screen you can double click on the purchase line to open the PDF document that belongs to the selected purchase invoice.
This PDF document must be attached to the purchase invoice with the document code INVOICE.

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Goods Commodity Code check

Goods Commodity Code check

This new feature is only available for Dutch customers.


Dutch postal codes and street names

In the new version of Sprinter 2000 (build date 05-09-2013 or higher) do you have the decision over all postal codes and street names of the Netherlands.

When you have only a House number in the first addess line and enter the Zipp code in the field "City" , then should Sprinter 2000 search the place and the associated street en fill them automatically in.

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